This software is designed for medium, small, micro enterprise with the following type of business:

  • Convenience Store, Groceries, Supermarkets (CGS)
  • Hardware Store
  • Electronics, phones, gadgets, accessories
  • School & Office stores
  • Auto/motor supply, parts and accessories
  • Personal Care Shops, Boutiques
  • Department Store (clothing, shoes, etc.)
  • Drugstore / Pharmacy
  • Pet Shop, Animal Supplies & Feeds
  • All other retail store with 50 items (SKUs) or more


  • Supplier Management
  • Items/SKU Management
  • Membership Management
  • Point of Sale System (POS)
    • Accepts cash, credit card, debit card, gift check, store coupon
    • Computes VAT, non-VAT, wholesale, retail, partial/down payment
    • Computes discount for senior citizen and PWD
    • Membership program (point-system incentive)
    • Import sales data from other branch for consolidation
  • Stock Movement & Inventory
    • Purchase Order, Sales Invoice,  Stock Transfer In/Out/Inter-branch
    • Inventory monitoring
  • Reports
    • Daily, Monthly, Yearly with graph
    • Export to Excel format
  • User friendly, simple interface
  • Network ready

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